In My Own Words- Part Two

If you missed Part One, you can find it here.

So, it’s 5 days before my wedding… And my fiancé tells me that he doesn’t love me anymore and wants to call everything off.


Afted shedding some tears, my mind immediately went to all the things that needed to be done (thanks to my Type A personality). Tell my family and friends, notify guests, cancel vendors, return wedding gifts, work out living arrangements, and figure out what the heck to do with all the stuff that was supposed to be used for the wedding.

Thankfully, my family and friends took care of EVERYTHING.  As soon as they heard the news they were by my side keeping me company and making sure I had everything I needed/wanted.  They literally handled everything so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it- I couldn’t be more grateful for those awesome wonderful people in my life.

The only thing left to deal with was my wedding dress.  A few options were thrown out there- sell it, save it for next time, alter it into a cocktail dress, wear it as a costume for the Halloween party/rehearsal dinner we had already planned,  shoot paintballs/throw paint at it.

My thoughts were:

Sell it- Isn’t that some sort of bad mojo to sell a jinxed dress?? I don’t want to pass that on to anyone. Next!

Save it for next time- Alright, let’s assume there is a next time.. I doubt my future fiancé is going to be ok with me wearing a dress that I picked out for another man. No thanks.

Alter it into a cocktail dress- HA! I can see it now.. “OMG, where did you get that dress?! Super cute!” “Oh this old thing? It was supposed to be my wedding dress until my fiancé dumped me.” *and cue the awkwardness*

Wear it as a costume for the Halloween party/rehearsal dinner we had already planned- Ok, I thought this one would be pretty funny, but a few people thought it might traumatize some of the guests. Everyone was already traumatized enough, so maybe I shouldn’t.

Shoot paintballs/throw paint at it- Hm, interesting.  I think that would be super fun! As well as somewhat therapeutic I’m sure. Let’s do it!

Throughout the whole planning process, I had a pretty close relationship with my wedding photographer Elizabeth Hoard.  When the fit hit the shan she personally reached out to me, and we got to talking about the paint idea.  We had already paid her in full, so she offered to shoot the paint session in place of the wedding.  We just had to choose a date..

Lizz mentioned November 1st (my wedding day).. She lightly joked that she just so happened to be free that day since her other plans got cancelled. She also made sure to mention that there was no rush and that I should take my time deciding.  But I honestly didn’t need any time.  I knew that throwing myself a pity party while wrapping myself up like a burrito in bed and binging on Netflix was not what I wanted.  November 1st was supposed to be a day filled  with family, friends, love, laughter, and happiness.. and that’s exactly what it was going to be, just with different circumstances.

Next up was getting everyone on board.  My Ma paid for the dress, so she was the one I was most nervous about. And I should have known better, because I really do have the greatest Ma on the planet who would do anything for me.  She supported the idea 100% and made sure I knew that my happiness was the only thing that really mattered, not the money or the dress itself.  My dad was one of the ones who originally threw out the paint idea, so he was all for it as well.  At this point, I knew that I didn’t want to do this alone.. I wanted everyone closest to me to be involved.  I invited both of my parents and my bridesmaids to join in on the paint party with me.  It took some convincing for a few people, but overall everyone was 100% supportive and excited about it.

We bought the supplies and were all set for the epic paint party/trash the dress… and then it was November 1st.

Stay tuned for Part Three!

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